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Is on the service life of the other cannot compare the superiority of the incandescent lamp

Time: 2015-05-27 11:57:31Copyfrom: WUXI Shuangle Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.

Just before the 1980 s, domestic fountain is an architectural water supply and drainage and landscape gardening professional technical details, from design to product manufacturing, engineering installation have not formed the scale. Just in the exhibition hall and other public buildings and parks can see some medium and small fountain, product level is also simple and extensive. Since the 1990 s, the rapid development of the socialist market economy, the urban construction speed, people also pursue high-quality cultural life and beauty of environment. The demand of the market to promote the development of the spray spring industry. Fountain, out of the center of the park, the botanical garden and the walls of the square, further extends to the people of various social activities. Many fountains professional manufacturers and professional company, arises at the historic moment, in this period of time developed rapidly.

Fountains lamp good development trend is a benign development of our industry, producing ‌ ‌ product variety is also more and more, more can meet the needs of the different place of landscape lighting, landscape effect of fountain pump is the special effects, when the night comes our lamp come out the lamp of a variety of color, light up our beautiful pool, under the water fountain constantly, form the dynamic landscape, add to the beautiful night view. Fountain lamps are now using LED as light source, the use of the products more environmentally friendly, long use cycle can be a 5 w sales, calculated using 10 hours a day, can be used for 5000 days, according to the number of years can be used to calculate more than 10 years, is on the service life of the other bulb without method comparison superiority. So in recent years our government attaches great importance to the development of LED industry, the product is based on the export of the trend of future development goals. Fountains lamp maintain 20% annual growth rate of growth, is can't compare the other industry.

Today, fountain technology not only in the landscape construction and the urban environment beautification, etc widely application, and has made great development on color, pattern. The spray pattern to spray, color and music fountain. Fountain already exists in the nature, with its unique style for the icing on the cake, the earth is a charming landscape. America's most famous Yellowstone national park, about more than 3000 natural fountain, geysers, 85 of them, make up the park's most famous landscape features. Cover policy valley 3 in Iceland there were natural fountain of more than 100 square kilometers, is the largest diameter of 20 meters of a pool, there were 20 meters of nozzle, jet once every 6 hours, water column up to 25 meters to 70 meters, water falling, over the rainbow, a spectacular view. Natural fountain fly in the ointment is more in the wilderness, ejecta is not very ideal, some with smelly sulphur, some sand burden of the streetscape. Later, people applies the principle of pressure spray to choose an ideal location, shape and height, man-made fountain, fine for city, garden picture dragon point, has brought the infinite vitality.

With the development of modern high technology, by the rhythm of music and sound intensity synchronous control fountain as music fountain. It according to the circumstances of the music, the use of computer programming, to control the height of the fountain, such as size, swing, twist dance appearance, make the person find everything new and fresh. Music fountain in the larger scenes and luxury ballroom, senior hotel, etc. More see. If everybody happy entertainment equipment, fitness equipment and forging project, using modern technology and equipment linked with spray fountain ably, make people's entertainment strength, intelligence and changes of the height of the fountain, the fountain from several mila to dozens of meters high, make people see their activities play the power and wisdom of the height, make a person love don't release the hand, it's called fountain is called entertainment. It can be equipped with park, club, kindergarten, playground, youth palace, etc.