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Music fountain processing technology such as fuzzy analysis technique is applied to system model

Time: 2015-05-27 11:56:43Copyfrom: WUXI Shuangle Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.

Computer music fountain is a kaleidoscope through fountain modelling, in combination with colourful colour light illumination, to reflect the connotation of music and music theme, a good music fountain, changes in water to form should be able to fully reflect the music. We use a lot of high-tech means, after many years of exploration and continuous improvement repeatedly, can be guaranteed in technology. In 1998 the development of the magician computer music fountain system software and computer control technology, computer multimedia technology, music fuzzy analysis technology such as technology applied in the fountain system model. Magician computer music system USES digital synchronous processing technology, making music with water type change in 0.1 seconds, to get satisfactory effects on sensory and auditory, using multilevel and isolation of the distributed control structure is designed, ensure system safety, reliability and stability; Adopting modular design, make the system good expansibility, strong compatibility, installation and maintenance convenience.

The design key of existing raised the content of the skills of the fountain, fountain engineering design is a not easy thing, we usually see fountains are engineers carefully designed. High radiation height match, the color of fountain ten five light color, visual feeling, the fit skills to passenger is just a temporary visual impact. The fountain should be distributed and permanent artistic glamour. Fountain square to retain people, not as long as there is high skills, more raised the former miss Betty Scott verve of the city. Music fountain waterscape is a sign of major public square, park place, fountain under this form also have sprung up across China. Now has more advanced fountain produced, now the most attention, music fountain has brought the city beautiful scenery line.

Fountain pump development, is now we manufacture pump manufacturer to thinking about today, how to develop our fountain pump, need to how to improve the product manufacturing process, how to ensure that our products are durable, in the invincible position in the market are all we have to consider, so we fountain pump will go further, go abroad, towards the world. Natural fountain fly in the ointment is more in the wilderness, ejecta is not very ideal, have the full smelly sulphur, some sand burden of the streetscape. Later, people applies the principle of pressure spray to choose an ideal location, shape and height, man-made fountain, fine for city, garden picture dragon point, has brought the infinite vitality.

As dynamic artistic waterscape fountain in our country has a long history, in recent years, with the implementation of the reform and opening up and the rapid development of urban construction, fountain technology has also obtained great progress. Waterscape fountain is not only the Chinese classical garden Mirror pool of the forest, streams, or fold springs, and used in a variety of modern water appearance modelling technology, color lighting technology and automatic control technology, make water appearance, the music, the color and impressions can organic integration to each other, so as the change of music, the rhythm coordination harmony in elegantly beautiful picture. Pump traditional market into a dynamic and changeful market, the traditional relatively stable market into a dynamic and changeable market, product life cycle continuously shortening, quickening product updates. Product quality, cost and time has become increasing enterprise competitiveness three decision factors. Production pattern is approaching, many varieties, small batch and single flexibility and greatly shorten the production cycle, etc.