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Fountain industry in the future urban construction will have a better application prospect

Time: 2015-05-27 11:56:04Copyfrom: WUXI Shuangle Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.

Fountain does not see like so much now, but could only galleries of some of the opening of public places, pick up some of the medium and small buildings or park fountain, and the medium and small fountain also did not like the fountain now beautiful, generous, are relatively simple and extensive. Since the 1990 s, to the rapid development of the socialist market economy, the urban construction speed, people also pursue high-quality cultural life and beauty of environment, the demand of the market to promote the development of the fountain industry. Again in the late Renaissance art, garden of Italy in the summer as the main function, who is a very important subject, people for farm location to consider an important factor that is near the park site will have abundant water. If the lack of local natural water garden owners at the resources, have the distance diversion into the garden and create water scene. Due to large terrain change, water, in addition to expand the space, in the garden of the garden water in addition to expand the space, making scenery lively live sprinkle, produce soft reflections, there are a lot of ground is difficult to reach the effect of water.

Fountain stainless steel submersible pump is mainly used in some landscape use, and clean water is a kind of confined water surface outcrop according to documented fountain air negative ions has increased one hundred times before, during, and after injection, trace the history of the fountain, as early as the ancient Greek dedicated to decorative fountains already exist. In the Italian Renaissance got unprecedented development. The pump flow components and external parts material adopt stainless steel 304, 316, 304 l, 316 l. For pump outlet using circular flange structure, motor insulation class F is suitable for the music fountain occasions such as the frequent startup of motor requirement, product is mainly suitable for all kinds of music fountain on supporting the use. Can also be used for transporting other corrosive medium. Suitable for mining, corrosive emissions of coal and water.

Fountain is a combination of art and technology, architectural art, garden art, art that stretch to the humanities, literature and art, music and art can contain to the design, creation of the fountain. A lot of successful work pay attention to the design style of the fountain and the surrounding environment, the building style coordinated, pay attention to local culture and cultural psychology, so a good design is crucial, it is the starting point of success. In the production of the fountain solution, just a few years time has developed from manual drawing to photoshop images then to the three dimensional animation depicts the CD of dynamic hydraulic scheme, computer technology greatly enrich and develop the people's thinking space. Quick, direct view, facilitate the advantages of saving, easy to modify quickly accepted by the project owner, become the necessary contents fountain design bidding.

The demand of the market to promote the development of the industry fountain, with the speeding up of the coastal areas of rural urbanization and the development of the western region, in addition to the existing big cities there are some room for development, water features, fountains, small and medium-sized cities in the future will have larger application space. In addition to large public buildings fountain, fountain will more access to new residential quarters, schools, enterprises. Suggested that we (should) fountain and company specializing in the production of manufacturers, to adapt to market demand, timely response to adjust with the new situation and learning foreign counterparts of advanced design idea and the merits of stable and reliable product quality. Design wants be particular about quality consciousness, continuous innovation, has the distinct personality, avoid simple repeat, pay attention to the product and work quality and service, and further improve the technological content of products and production and technical and economic indicators, improve technology products reserves. Fountain industry in the future urban construction will have a better application prospect.