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As a dynamic artistic waterscape fountain has a long history in our country

Time: 2015-05-27 11:55:24Copyfrom: WUXI Shuangle Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.

Fountain of special products, equipment is in constant renewal, the adoption of new material, new technology, environmentally friendly products more secure, reliable, considerate after-sales service, timely, all provided the technical support for the benign development of fountain, make the most of the fountain outside the beautify the environment, also played a good ecological effect, social benefit and indirect economic benefits such as advertising effect. The water of the fountain modelling is done by detail design, machine, pump, pipe, valves, nozzle of reasonable matching, directly affects the effect of water. Some fountain design, only pay attention to the work flow, pressure and other technical indicators, ignored the flow effect is the important factor, water modelling effect is poor. For example: the success of ultra-high water column dense long, rupture and fog paragraphs short, water column diameter and height ratio water, wind resistance ability is strong, forceful, majestic spray effect. Now, some of the ultra high water, the water column is close-grained, shorter period, rupture and atomization long, water column diameter compared with the water height Appear small thin and poor ability to resist wind and water is easy to wind drift, which is related to parameter selection is not reasonable.

Fountain is a combination of art and technology, architectural art, garden art, art that stretch to the humanities, literature and art, music and art can contain to the design, creation of the fountain. A lot of successful work pay attention to the design style of the fountain and the surrounding environment, the building style coordinated, pay attention to local culture and cultural psychology, so a good design is crucial, it is the starting point of success. In the production of the fountain solution, just a few years time has developed from manual drawing to photoshop images then to the three dimensional animation depicts the CD of dynamic hydraulic scheme, computer technology greatly enrich and develop the people's thinking space. Quick, direct view, facilitate the advantages of saving, easy to modify quickly accepted by the project owner, become the necessary contents fountain design bidding.

The demand of the market to promote the development of the industry fountain, with the speeding up of the coastal areas of rural urbanization and the development of the western region, in addition to the existing big cities there are some room for development, water features, fountains, small and medium-sized cities in the future will have larger application space. In addition to large public buildings fountain, fountain will more access to new residential quarters, schools, enterprises. Suggested that we (should) fountain and company specializing in the production of manufacturers, to adapt to market demand, timely response to adjust with the new situation and learning foreign counterparts of advanced design idea and the merits of stable and reliable product quality. Design wants be particular about quality consciousness, continuous innovation, has the distinct personality, avoid simple repeat, pay attention to the product and work quality and service, and further improve the technological content of products and production and technical and economic indicators, improve technology products reserves. Fountain industry in the future urban construction will have a better application prospect.

As dynamic artistic waterscape fountain in our country has a long history, in recent years, with the implementation of the reform and opening up and the rapid development of urban construction, fountain technology has also obtained great progress. Waterscape fountain is not only the Chinese classical garden Mirror pool of the forest, streams, or fold springs, and used in a variety of modern water appearance modelling technology, color lighting technology and automatic control technology, make water appearance, the music, the color and impressions can organic integration to each other, so as the change of music, the rhythm coordination harmony in elegantly beautiful picture. Pump traditional market into a dynamic and changeful market, the traditional relatively stable market into a dynamic and changeable market, product life cycle continuously shortening, quickening product updates. Product quality, cost and time has become increasing enterprise competitiveness three decision factors. Production pattern is approaching, many varieties, small batch and single flexibility and greatly shorten the production cycle, etc.